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EventRunner is an Event Management Platform that encompasses online event registration (online forms), online payment system, event management and monitoring, racepack collection and many more. We strive to provide the best user experience and customer service for both participants and organizers. We strongly believe that our technology can help you solve many of the common issues faced during participant registration and logistics of running of an event (e.g. shirts, medals, entitlements, etc).

We have built powerful tools for event management automation. We provide organizers with our EventRunner Management Panel which allows them to monitor their event statistics in realtime, 24/7. Live metrics and data allows the organizer to plan ahead (e.g. how many shirts to order) and to cater to participants enquiries. Our Management Panel can be accessed anywhere in the world on desktop or on mobile. Get up to date with your event whenever and wherever you are.

Since the launch of our platform in late 2016, we are proud to have managed over 30 events (updated August 2018). If you wish to find out more about EventRunner Event Management Platform and how it can help you run your next event hassle-free, please contact us via the following:

Event Tech Solutions PLT (0009076-LGN)

Phone/Whatsapp: 016 790 9076

Email: admin@eventtech.com.my

FB: Event Tech Solutions

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